The connected device challenge

New technology, with smarter Meters, new IoT devices, and new user interfaces is leading to a great challenge - to build new products that meet users wants and needs while being efficient in their use of energy and data spectrum.

This challenge needs a mix of technical leadership, marketing experience, security knowledge, product specification, and regulatory  experience to ensure that investment in product specification and development provides financial, environmental and reputational returns.

Buss Metering Services Ltd was founded in 2012, to provide their clients with an independent view and skills to achieve the best possible returns on thse investments.

Over the last 9 years, we have supported a market introduction of a new IoT radio technology, the development of a technology standard with over 100 million devices operating, the development of a highly-secure protocol implementation, the interoperability testing of the implementation, and the specification of technical products for national infrastructure programs in the UK and across Europe. We also provide operational support on a Head End System for a client, and provide first response for a technical association's routine operations, and have worked to assist leading consultancies in development of regulatory documents.         

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The world is a place of beauty.

We can all agree that the world is beautiful. We support the use of technology to enhance our lives without spoiling the beauty around us.

Where do we go from here?

BMS is keen to assist companies and associations in their efforts in producing products, standards and services that improve our use of energy while maintaining or improving quality of life.

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Principles and Ethics

It is the intention of the business to improve the situation of all stakeholders, be they businesses, consumers, shareholders or governments. At the end of the day, we all live on the same planet. It's a beautiful place, full of people who deserve a decent standard of living. While no-one has all the answers, it's a principle of our business to try to ask the question of our clients to ensure that the outputs of our work does no harm.

Projects, Products and Standards

Much of the work done with by our consultants before they joined our business is, inevitably, confidential. A few examples of the work are outlined below.

SSWG SMETS1 WAN Specification

Mike chaired the Working Group that generated the final live version of the protocol that underpins the majority of Smart Meters active in the UK.

Itron ACD Gas Meter Range

Mike led the project to re-engineer the diaphragm meter measurement technology to produce a measurement core that could be applied to meters across Europe, permitting the reduction of costs by automating and optimising production of larger capacity meters.

Digitron 2000 series handheld measuring instruments

The 2000 series condensed a huge range of handheld instruments into a modular approach enabling high quality devices with data options, rapid manufacturing, and low stock costs. The series entered production in 1998, and is still in production in 2019.
Mike chairs the group that maintains this standard, ensuring that Smart Gas, Water, and Heat Metering can be remotely measured and monitored.
Mike previously chaired the group that maintains this standard which ensures that Gas Volume Converters are correctly applied for UK Metering needs.
CEN/TR 16061 
Mike chaired the group that produced the first document released under the mandate M/441 for Smart Meters.  the CEN/TR16061  report outlined Smart Gas Meters requirements.


Clients, Affiliations and Associations

Buss Metering Services is a member of, has worked with, and/or has a positive relationship with a number of organisations involved with IoT and Smart Metering.

These organisations include BSI, EUA, SSWG, Engage Consulting, Utility Meters Warehouse, Ernt and Young,  Equalmoon, Sensus, PA Consulting, ESB, ETSI, the IDIS association  and the DLMS UA


We are a boutique business providing subject matter expertise in the areas of IoT, Smart Metering and measurement and metrology technology.


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